Building Your Team: The hiring process is the first step in building your team.

Building and Remodeling is a team activity. It takes the input of many people, working toward the same goal, to consistently build a quality product grow a successful business.

  • Hiring Strategies: Recruiting techniques to identify, attract, and secure great prospective employees who are the superstars in the crowd.
  • Onboarding: The parts and pieces that go into a well-run onboarding process so that you can keep these new superstar employees after you’ve hired them.
  • Human Resources: Get the tools your HR department needs such as Interview Questions, Orientation Checklist, Job Descriptions, Employee Manual, Employee Agreements, Positional Hiring Criterias, Policies, Performance Evaluation, Bonus & Incentive Program, much more.

Management Techniques:
Processes for hiring and managing top employees.

The results required to grow your business are gained through people. This is much easier when you have the right people on your team.

  • Leadership is Delegation: Coaching & Training to help you become a great leader and manager enabling you to give your team members the opportunity to shine and grow while they learn to think and act like owners.
  • Standard Operating Procedures: Having a clearly outlined directs for your team enables tough decisions to be made when necessary, not holding up projects, upsetting customers, and cutting into profits.
  • Volume Built Per Employee: You are not in business to employ people. You are in business to provide a service and make a profit doing it. Know what your VBPE is and how to maintain it.

[CTA] Start setting up your team now.


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