Contracts: Your contracts need to address the latest critical needs and trends in construction.

Our comprehensive construction contracts include clauses that cover scope of work, permits, insurance, arbitration, change orders, finish schedules, project allowances, sales agreement, toxic mold, hazardous materials, termination, and more.

Relying on a handshake or a non-standardized agreement leaves you extremely vulnerable, doesn’t hold up in court, and can be disastrous for your business..

  • Contracts: Our contract documents are tested and proven to minimize risk for every type of project.
  • Time-Tested Risk Protection: Our contracts provide the protection you need for your projects and help ensure that you don’t get burned by a bad contract or a dishonest client.
  • Ease of use: Our contracts speed up negotiations and help prevent conflicts, so you can focus on your project, not your potential for liability

Business Management:
Just like a home, without a solid foundation everything else in your company can and will be affected.

Set up your business so it properly as it will impact many of your decisions now and far into the future. This can have a bearing on the amount of taxes you pay, the way you pay yourself, the level of overhead you are committing to, the types of work your company will perform, as well as the role you will play as the company develops

  • Shaping Your Business: An organized business, starts with the best legal structure through the development of systems that will guide the flow of work through your organization
  • Corporate Entity: Choosing the Right Legal Structure for your business will determine many things including how safe and secure you and your personal assets are.
  • Business Planning:  Utilize our proven Business Plan template to establish a well thought out plan for the future growth of your company

[CTA] Make sure you are properly covered legally now.

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