Managing Your Money: Understanding the flow of money in and out of your company is a skill you will need to master to become a successful remodeler.

Making money with your remodeling business doesn’t “just happen”. Money is made through strategic planning. You plan for profit by taking conscious actions like using budgets throughout the company, by accurately estimating the costs of the projects, and by using financial reports to monitor your progress.

  • Financial Tools: Use financial reports that contain the information that will tell you exactly how to improve the performance of your company. These tools help you monitor the health of your business at any point in time.
  • Overhead:You can’t make a profit if you can’t sell the job at the proper price. Knowing your overhead is critical to profitability.
  • Calculating Earned Income: Using the Percentage of Completion method increases accuracy. Our Work-in-Process (WiP) template is an essential tool for using this accounting method.

Get the MAXIMUM possible results from QuickBooks for your construction business.

Running a construction business is a difficult job, especially in this economy –when now more than ever you need to rely on accurate job costing.

  • Set-up: Get your QBO account set up right and have a the top accounting system used  by builders and remodelers at your fingertips whereever you are.
  • Chart of Accounts: The Chart of Accounts is the backbone of your business. It plays a role in every single transaction you enter into QuickBooks. Enhance the Accuracy of Your Financial Reports with a proper COA.
  • Cost Codes: The core of tracking job cost starts by setting up your cost codes properly. Tracking Work-in-Progress produces more profitable projects.

Cash Flow Solutions:
Using the correct payment schedule can instantly change your cash flow.

Payments are how cash flows into your company. Schedule payments properly, and you’ll have positive cash flow on every job.

  • Payment Schedules: If you want positive cash flow in your construction business, make sure you’re using the right payment schedule on your contracts.
  • You’re not a bank: Stop financing your customers projects and quickly boost your cash flow.
  • Handling Change Orders: Keep positive cash flow in your construction business by maintaining a clear process for handling Change Orders

Offering Financing:
Accelerate the growth of your business. Increase your average job size and stop losing clients because of budgetary issues.

Options = Opportunity: Financing options translate into growth for your business by providing your customers an opportunity to complete their dream projects and never have to collect a payment.

  • Increase Inbound Leads: Advertising payment options is proven to increase inbound sales leads resulting in more sales for you.
  • Close More Sales: Offering an unbeatable choice of payment options closes more sales, helping grow your business.
  • Make More Money: Increased leads and larger projects mean a better bottom line for your business.
  • Do Larger Projects: Payment options give your customers the chance to upgrade their project scope.
  • Quick and Easy: Our phone application with a decision in minutes lets you close the deal while you’re in the home

Business Funding and Credit:
“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

Use the most comprehensive system available for securing money for your business and secure funding without a personal credit check or guarantee.

  • Funding for Your Business: Our financial solution is perfect for all size businesses that are in need of funding to help grow their business.
  • Business Funding Suite: Step-by-step guide to help you first quickly obtain funds for your business, and then begin the business credit score building process.
  • $50K Guarantee: Our Business Funding Suite and direct funding programs can help you easily meet your financial and capital needs all backed by Our Ironclad Guarantee.
  • Business Credit: Get Credit That’s Linked to Your EIN not Your SSN. Building  a business credit profile for your company, will position you to secure funding without a personal credit check.

[CTA] Contact Us for help on sorting out your financial needs and goals.

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