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A Smarter Way to Build and Grow Your Construction Industry Company

Building a fantastic home requires many components to come together to make a perfect final product. The same goes for your business. There are many components that need to come together to make your business fully functional. The problem is that it is hard to have time for it all. That is where Design Build Consulting comes in to help. We have 10 components that you can build your business upon.


Generating qualified prospects for your business and seamlessly converting them to leads is not always easy. Where do you start? What kind of marketing should you do? Where would your money be best spent? Do you want to handle marketing or pass it off to someone else? All of these questions are important to ask when looking at your marketing efforts. Read more for our solution to the marketing component.


Sales is most often understood as the moment you contact a lead to the moment you close the deal. Sales actually starts way before that and continues on as you work with your new customer. What systems do you implement to make sure the sales process is easy, efficient, and complete? Do you make the customer feel like you are the right choice from the moment they contact you? How are you separating yourself from your competition? Read more about how the sales component of your business can work effectively and efficiently to convert and keep more customers.


The Design component is a very important phase of a home project. In many businesses, this is where the sales is closed. Whether you are a contractor, designer, design-build, or design-bid-build firm, it’s important to have the design phase down to a science. When the design phase goes well, the customer has all the hope that the build phase will go well as well. Even if you have your process down pat, do you still get caught up in the bidding process? Do you struggle with customers with the wrong expectations? Do you find you make very little off of the design phase? Read more to learn about our solutions to the problems that are typical in the design phase.


The Estimating component is essential to every job but can be the most complicated to put together and very time consuming. No customer wants a “guess” as to how much their job will cost. They want to know where their money is going and how much so they can be prepared and properly budget. Do you have trouble putting together accurate estimates? Are you offering free estimates? Are you using a software system to help create your estimates? Read more to learn about our solution to the estimation component.


The Handoff component might not be something a business thinks about as essential, but it plays a big part in the success of a project. The handoff is the component between sales and production, and encompasses every process to make sure the project is properly “handed off” from sales to production. When a proper handoff takes place, the production team receives everything they need for a successful build from the sales team, proper communication channels are set up, and the customer knows who the new set of people are that they needs to be talking to. Do you have a process set in place for sales to handoff everything needed to the production team? Do you have communication problems between sales and production? Do your customers get confused as to who they should be talking to? Read more to learn about our solution to the Handoff component.


The Production component is where the rubber meets the road. It is time to deliver a great project, on time, on budget, with the result of a happy client. Those results aren’t always what happens. The production needs processes in place when the project gets off schedule, there are change orders, and/or the budget needs to be adjusted. How do you keep projects on schedule? Do you make sure the clients have specific items during the build? What processes do you follow when there are changes? Read more to learn about our solution to the Production component.


Now it is time to leave a great impression on the client. The Retention component is the more important for long-term business growth. It is far easier to procure projects from previous clients than getting entirely new ones. Though this industry seems to only bring a one-and-done jobs, that is not the case. A clients who had you build their home three years ago might contact again for a renovation or addition. These clients are your low hanging fruit. Do you have a system in place to keep in touch with previous clients? Are you surveying your customers so you know how they felt the project went? Do you collect reviews from your clients? Read more to learn about our solution to the retention component.


Building and remodeling is a team activity. The Personnel component starts with the hiring process. It then takes the input of many people working toward the same goal to build a quality product. What are your processes for hiring, onboarding, and HR? Do you know how to detect a leader? Do you know how you should be paying your employees? Read more to learn about our solution to the Personnel component.


The legal component will guard both you and those you work with. Relying on a handshake or a non-standardized agreement leaves you extremely vulnerable, doesn’t hold in court, and can be disastrous for your business. Do you have contracts that include clauses for things like permits, change orders, and termination? Have you done a business plan so you know how you stand as a business? Read more to learn about our solution to the Legal component.


The Financial component is made through strategic planning. Understanding the flow of money in and out of your company is an essential skill. Making money doesn’t “just happen”. Do you have specific tools you use to track your finances? Do you have an accurate estimate of your overhead? Are you paying yourself first? Read more to learn about our solution to the Financial component.

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