If you’re like me, there are times when running your business feels like you’re riding a roller coaster: Ups, downs and the occasional loop. I don’t like to feel out of control especially when it comes to running my business.

And as a design/build business owner you have to wear many hats – marketing, sales, design, production, personnel, legal, financial and everything in between.

In fact there are 10 Key Success Components that need to be mastered to build and grow your company into to a very successful Design/ Build/ Remodeling firm.

I’ve noticed that most businesses I work with are doing pretty well in one or two of these areas; average in a few more, and below average in at least three.

How Does Your Business Rank? Where should you start?

Use our FREE Remodeling Business Assessment Worksheet to assess your business systems and identify your strengths and where to focus for improvements.

Answer the questions below and enter your info to view the chart and dashboard results on your business and compare your self to other companies. The graph will help you assess the existing condition of your individual business systems as well as your business as a whole.

By focusing your attention in the right areas, running and growing your business can be much less stressful and far more profitable.

Step 1 of 10 - Marketing

  • Marketing Questions for Radar Graph

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